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Dunhill's "root briar" was introduced in 1930 (by this time, Alfred Dunhill was two years into retirement and his brother Herbert had charge of the business) and the light brown finish proved highly popular in America, less so in Europe.

Next, some twenty three years later, came the "tanshell" a sandblasted Sardinian briar with a tan or brown finish.

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Dunhill shell dating

At forty-one· years old, David has been a pipe smoker for many years and has dealt extensively in pre-smoked collectibles.

he has had articles printed abroad ("Amici della Pipa" and "Smoking") and should be welcome to the staff of PIPE SMOKER.

No marque has garnered as much attention over the decades as the Dunhill pipe.

Starting in the early 1900s, Dunhill pipes, with their distinctive “White Spot” logo, have been a recognizeable symbol of smoking excellence continuously throughout their long history.

The quality of the pipes is well known, but I suspect the major reason for the wide interest amongst more recent collectors is the simple fact that Dunhill, unlike most pipe makers, have, from the very early days, provided stamped coding that allows accurate dating of the individual pipe. This pipe is from 1940, and sports the “Bowling Ball” stem.

Not only do the Roots of this year have this stem material, similar to the later “Cumberland” stem, but the colour of the pipe itself was somewhat different from Roots of other eras. (Clockwise from left) 1960 Root, 1956 Tanshell, 1972 Redbark, 1957 Shell. David Field published for Pipe Smoker- in the Fall 1983 issue. David was recommended by Ben Rapaport who sent us the following article which Mr. David is employed by the city of Philadelphia as a social worker.You can check out more info on dating Dunhill Pipes and many other interesting articles and information at THE DUNHILL PIPE: A COMPARISON OF THEN AND NOW We are pleased to introduce R. He is regarded as an expert on Dunhill Pipes and is also knowledgeable on Castellos and other brands.This is a particularly nice example of both the shape and the finish. The Redbark is from the first year this finish was offered, and is my most recent acquisition. Two examples of the P shape, the classic bent bulldog. The Shell is from the 20s (stampings are weak), and is the most beautifully cut bent bulldog I've ever owned. The top piece is from 1918, and carries the #24 stamp, which was the size of the “Inner Tube,” not the shape.Root #47 from 1956(top) [in my opinion the quintessential straight bulldog cut] 1958 Bruyere #146 (bottom) and 1967 Tanshell #47 (right). This pipe would later be referred to as the “O” in the catalogue.It took twenty-six more years before another finish - the "cumberland" - appeared.


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