dating bald men - Dating and socio economic status

Because it is still considered shallow and inappropriate for women to say that physical attractiveness is very important in their choices, those women may have engaged in impression management.Theory is that women do know what they want, but that when asked, they need to give answers that are acceptable to society.

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Physical attractiveness was the most important factor that actually influenced their ratings.

The results of these two studies suggest that women’s self-reported preferences may not match their actual choices.

Later, they were said that they were connected to a lie-detector polygraph, they produced more accurate overall introspective reports, admitted a main extreme influence by the physical attractiveness of the targets.

It seems that female mindsets are very influenced by a social or cultural taboo.

In a survey of 37 cultures involving more than 10,000 participants.

Participants were asked to rate the importance of each of 18 characteristics in a potential mate using a 4-point scale.

But an interesting solution to this predicament has recently appeared with the emergence of “online-dating” and speed-dating”.

Online dating and speed dating are real-life tests, with external and ecological validity and both Internet dating [Hitsch et al. 2011, Okcupid Blog, Milward website 2012, or see my previous posts on this Blog], where highly attractive men are universally preferred by female daters.

Fletcher, Simpson & Thomas, 2000) are normally done with already existing couples, providing little knowledge about the initial mating decisions that led to them.

The status/wealth hypothesis is not consistent because it is used a mixture of laboratory study, surveys and theoretical predictions of evolutionary psychology.

To recap, decades of research in various disciplines provide us with useful conceptualizations and elaborated theories about mate choice decision mechanisms.

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