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'She was always talking about 'reaching out' to clients and using words such as POA (plan of action).'When she told me to get the IA (information architecture) for the ROI (return on investment), it actually felt as if she were talking in a different language.Luckily, that instruction was emailed, so I was able to look up what on earth she was talking about online.'Alexandra quickly became overwhelmed.

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'All our work was done on Apple Macs and in Google documents, which I'd never used before,' she says.

'I tried to learn the systems in my lunch hour and took my Mac home with me — but the work piled in too quickly.'My colleagues said they were too busy to help.

Alexandra Abrahams, 41, turned up to her job interview wearing a smart suit and heels.

The 28-year-old woman she hoped would be her boss looked casual in a long, bohemian frock.

But they were always so busy, they made mistakes.'Alexandra's confidence evaporated.

'I was so worried I wasn't fitting in that I stopped eating and sleeping properly. 'When I told my boss it wasn't working out, she was nice, but effectively said that the company 'is what it is',' says Alexandra, who is now looking for another job. 'Admittedly, the staggering self-belief that many millennial bosses display is, in large part, down to older generations who have raised their offspring in a 'child-centric' manner, leading them to believe that others exist to cater to their every whim.'Social media also makes the world seem a smaller place,' says employment lawyer Helen Goss.

In meetings, they'd all walk away whispering and I knew they were talking about me.

Whenever I tried to approach her, colleagues would step in and say she was too busy to speak.

But if you expect them to be grateful for their exalted status, you may well be disappointed.'Millennials don't have a concept of 'serving time',' explains Helen Goss, an employment lawyer at legal firm Boyes Turner.

'Older generations expected to have to climb a career ladder, but millennials don't want to wait years to be promoted.

When I heard one of my team describe a 40-year-old man in another department as 'old', I decided to keep quiet about my own age — and they didn't ask.'Meanwhile, the trendy open-plan office was more boutique hotel than corporate building, with its free coffee counter and complimentary breakfasts served from the specially designed 'rustic' kitchen.


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