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Getting connected is tough stuff normally, but being involved in alternative lifestyles and scenes can be daunting and can add to the pressure of socializing.

About Me: I recently finished grad school and am starting a new career here in Houston.

I also like a lot of young so-called twink types (especially if they've started putting on muscle), and they end up being my most common hookups. About Me: New Pics July 2017 About Guys I Want To Meet: Always interested in meeting or chatting with weight trainers or other fitness oriented guys. I think wrestling is the ultimate sport because one man is able to utterly dominate the other. About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking to meet guys who love to wrestle. Have the luxury of having a great family, job and friends.

The competitiveness in me makes me want to compete in a bodybuilding contest in my class or age group so am working on that. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm new to Houston, so I'd love to meet new friends who are serious about fitness.

$.post(" About Me: Former competitive cyclist, triathlete Now working on building muscle and still do some cardio but nothing like before. Work takes up almost all of my time, so when I do have time, I never like wasting it: I'll either be at the gym, running outside, or at home catching up on TV with a glass of wine (and no, that's not considered wasting ti...

I am looking to meet guys that have an active lifestyle that includes outside activities in addition to the gym. Check it out, and if you find it interesting, I hope you'll like, comment, subscribe, etc. About Guys I Want To Meet: I love muscle, though the guy doesn't have to be bigger than me (the ones who gravitate toward me most often aren't). If you're lighter, you better be aggressive because I'm here to win. I like to think I am a good guy, confident and emotionally competent.

My activities include hiking, kayaking, camping, tennis, and constantly striving for my best body. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'd like to meet someone who shares the same values and lifestyle as I.

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