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Oklahoma has a closed primary system with exceptions.

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However, voter identification cards cannot be issued during the 24 days prior to an election.

If your registration application is received by the county election board during the 24 days before an election, you will not receive your voter identification card until after the election.

You do not become a registered voter until the county election board in the county where you reside has approved your application.

When your application is approved, the county election board will mail a voter identification card to you.

You may change your registration at any time with one exception.

You may not change your political affiliation during the period from April 1 through August 31, inclusive, in any even-numbered year.

The letter will tell you why your application was not approved and explain the steps you need to take to become registered.

You may be able to return the letter with some additional information, or you may need to fill out and send in another voter registration application form.

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We hope you find this site informative and helpful, but if you have any suggestions for content, please email us at: The mission of the Elections and Registration Department is to register citizens of Walker County to vote; to ensure that elections are free, impartial, fair, accurate, convenient and accessible to all voters; to encourage voter participation; to provide excellent customer service to voters, candidates, and the media; and to help the public understand and follow all laws, rules and regulations.

Keep your voter identification card in a safe place and always take it with you when you go to vote.


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