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Whether the timing was good or bad for Thomas is open to debate, as two weeks after joining the site, it was hacked.He’d yet to take any relationship offline, but he was in trouble.

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People who find new partners online are "enjoying the process" of talking to these strangers.

"Not everybody wants to get offline and have physical exchanges of body fluids, and that's why they don't think they're committing infidelity," Wasserman said.

"We're told women want emotional attachment and connection. We want no-strings-attached, satisfying sex." Meanwhile, men were definitely motivated by sexual experimentation, but when she asked them what they were looking for in an online affair that they didn't get at home, "what they were looking for was kissing and cuddling," she said.

Back in August 2015, the ‘dating’ site Ashley Madison was hacked, exposing married cheaters the world over.

is a sex therapist and psychologist who is well known in her native South Africa as a leading commentator on our changing sexual mores.

And since she spent three years embedded on Ashley Madison interviewing men and women alike, she probably knows as much about the service's users as even the site's founders do.

A client of hers might say, "I don't feel judged, I feel I can express myself much more, I'm sending photos of myself," she said.

Stereotypically, men are considered the initiators when it comes to advancing a relationship and sealing the deal sexually.

Wasserman was surprised to see that many people saw nothing wrong with their online relationships and felt zero guilt about having them. "This was uniquely different from real-life infidelity.


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