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It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.

I know a mess, when I see a mess; because I am one! Part 2 was petty awesome today #For Gwinnett #Adress The Mess #Thought IShare APortion Of Todays Note #Happy Sunday To Nicodemus, Zaccheus, the Samaritan woman at the well, to the thief on the cross, to the woman caught in adultery and to all of us in the middle of a mess of our own making, Jesus offers himself as the solution. and with pastor bust out singing Confessions from Usher??

#Honest To God Series #goodmorningsun #500 #godhasyourback. #northpointonline #clayscroggins #dlow #nxgleaders #MTM Celebrating the life we have in Christ, our heart is full of gratitude!! Jesus arose with our freedom in hand That's when death was arrested and my life began #nponline #easterwithus #deathwasarrested The kids are typically in #waumbaland during the service, but because we went to @woodstockcitychurch last night, we all watched the 11AM service live because the opener was EPIC!

Really, all of these problems come from a long-term drinking problem which has lead to significant mental health issues.'If you are minded not impose an immediate custodial sentence she can work alongside the probation service; it would not be necessary to send this defendant to prison today.'Magistrates sentenced Tweedy to a 12-month community order with 120 hours' unpaid work and a restraining order for 12 months.

According to a 2010 study by Parity, a men's issues campaigning group, more than 40 per cent of victims of domestic violence are male.

Even in the midst of countless clean ups and toilet training accidents, you remind me of God's love and that no matter what mess we make, He is always there to help us clean it up and love us through it!

I love you my sweet baby girl and am so grateful to be your Mom! Leave your life of sin." #addressthemess POWERFUL message today at @northpointcommunitychurch from @clayscroggins Clay has an amazing gift of teaching Truth in love!

But for years Mr Tweedy believed his binge-drinking wife, also 45, would change and failed to report the attacks to authorities.

He eventually took action after the couple had a child and she continued with her abusive behaviour towards him.

Another survey revealed there had been nearly an 80 per cent increase in reports from male domestic abuse victims between 20.

Confidential help for male victims of domestic violence can be obtained by calling the charity Mankind Initiative 01823 334244.

IT is almost impossible to Remove all doubt but it is so POSSIBLE TO MOVE the Doubt. The kids were mesmerized #Easterwithus #woodstockcitychurch @mkmorris6 @thebroadusbunch That moment when you realize the last time your wore your sport coat...

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