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Like any form of debt, your goal with a student loan should be to pay as low an interest rate as possible.Other than a mortgage, you will likely never have a debt as large as your student loan.People like me exist in this world to help those in debt because, unfortunately, it is not always an easy path to become debt free.

Many topics are covered here in my answers to people’s debt questions, comments, and blog posts – so much so, that I’ve been forced to get organized.

The menu above, and under the logo, is being relaunched as of summer 2016.

The term Debt Relief encompasses so much territory, it’s necessary to break it down into bite-size pieces.

In it’s simplest form, “debt relief” means to get out of debt and, for most, it means a new lease on life.

I have been in the debt and credit industry for over 20 years and I consider myself to be obsessed with the subject matter, therefore, I have lots of helpful information to share with folks.

You can find me in publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, Huffington Post, and Mashable, to name a few.

We have created the most complete list of lenders currently willing to refinance student loan debt.

We recommend you start here and check rates from the top 7 national lenders offering the best student loan refinance products.

But no worries, I can help you through the thick of it.

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, be sure to use the search box near the top of the site for help.

Just click on “Ask Michael” at the top of any page and follow the instructions.


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