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1960s slasher with some interesting psycho-delic freak-out effects! Featuring a live performance by sixties rock band The Bored! Some of the night scenes are little dark and the movie ends a bit abruptly but, having said that, this is the most watchable version I have ever seen, a good bit better than the Dutch VHS version that was making the rounds. Please note that the picture on this title, transferred from a VHS of a rare 16mm print, is very soft looking. Nightmare (original title: Voices, 1973) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Kevin Billington, UK This is an obscure little British chiller based on a stage play.

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While it does spice up the movie a bit I can really only recommend this to Franco completists but if you have to have it here it is! Also starring Antonio Mayans (aka Robert Foster), Lina Romay and Fata Morgana. Vampire II (1987) MANDARIN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Hong Kong Hard-to-find martial arts / horror comedy. Her mother's diaries suggest something sinister was and still is afoot.

A slow burner that builds suspense effectively right up to the wild ending!

Also includes the American "Orgy of the Living Dead Show" trailer that "Fangs..." was a part of! (Not to be confused with "Magic Cop" which was also released as "Mr.

This was De Ossorio's first horror film before he went on to direct the "Blind Dead" series. Rated R (1959) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Kenneth B. Breakston, Japan / USA Neat black & white flick about a man who, after given an injection by a deranged scientist (not to be confused with a mad scientist) begins to grow a horrible monster head next to his own noggin! (1974) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Juan Lopez Moctezuma, Mexico John Carradine has a small part in this story of a female blood-drinker in a contemporary setting. Vampire 5".)(original Mexican title: El Destructor de monstruos aka Nostradamus y el destructor de monstruos aka The Monster Demolisher, 1961) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Federico Curiel & Stim Segar, Mexico The second in the series about the evil vampire! See also Naked Massacre (aka Die Hinrichtung aka Born For Hell, 1975) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Denis Heroux, France / West Germany / Italy / Canada Unsettling true story of a Viet Nam vet returning home and stopping in Belfast, Ireland where he decides to hold hostage and murder 8 student nurses.

Rated RThe Night of 1,000 Cats (1972) UNCUT VERSION WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES Directed by Rene Cardona, Mexico A disturbed swinger keeps a heard of flesh-hungry cats to devour the bodies of his beautiful female victims! In hopes of repairing things, they vacation at a deceased relatives mansion.

Yeah it's crap, but I liked the old cave-like castle setting and the cheesy cat attacks! Wasson, USA Horrifying dick-ripping entrail-slinging yeti! A hearty portion of intriguing dialogue ensues as they find they arent alone.Not only do poltergeist type activities start happening but one sister seems to become possessed. Movie (Japanese title: Ringu: Kanzen-ban, 1995) IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE WITH NO SUBTITLES Directed by Chisui Takigawa, Japan "Ringu" fans take note!Of course, you'll be scratching your head by the time the nonsensical ending arrives. ~Melissa Kusia Return From Death (aka Frankenstein 2000, 1998) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by "David Hills" (Joe D'Amato) Decent production values on this late entry digital video production from D'Amato that, despite a bit of gore, can only be recommended to completists. Here's the original made-for-tv movie that the feature film was based on! In Japanese language with no English subtitles but easy to follow if you are familiar with the feature film.~Melissa Kusia Starring Directed by Joseph Adler, USA Oddball obscuro U. horror about a demented painter who kidnaps people and transforms them into bizarre creatures! ADULTSA children's tv show host goes nutso and starts murdering parents whom he believes are abusing their kids!Includes a decent live performance by the psychedelic band Odyssey! Nocturna (aka Granddaughter Of Dracula, 1979) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Harry Hurwitz, USA If you're a fan of disco-laden vampire comedies of the '70s you could do worse than this film, but not much worse. Rated R (original Spanish title: La Endemoniada aka Demon Witch Child, 1974) UNCUT VERSION ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Ammando De Ossorio, Spain Interesting possession tale by the director of the superior Blind Dead films. Starring Tom Basham as the wacko killer Mr Rabbey with Gene Carlson and Gretchen Kanne.(1976) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Michael Pataki, USA Scientist tries to restore his daughters sight by using unwilling eyeball donors! Starring Peter Dyneley, Jane Hylton and Tetsu Nakamura. The straight-forward approach to the story makes for an unsettling viewing experience.


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