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Or she’ll ask to go to one of “your” places so she can see how the commoners socialize. She thought moving to Thailand would be all about adventure, exotic food, new friends, island-hopping and romance. You see, no one told her before she arrived that Thai guys aren’t really into farang girls and foreign guys mostly came to bang Thai chicks.

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Of course, on My Ladyboy Date we do not cater prostitution, nor do we cater cam shows or something of the sort.

As far as her lifestyle, she has to work at every morning so she’s pretty straight-laced during the week but watch out on the weekends — it’s party time from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. The heavens smiled on you when she agreed to go back to your place.

When you got there, after some making out, she asked for cash. She’s not exactly a prostitute…but she’s not exactly not a prostitute. The Foreign-born Thai Girl / International School Kid She seems awesome at first.

She doesn’t need you for anything so, if she’s seeing you, you’re probably a DJ, a model or French.

She might take you to a launch party, a fashion event or The Commons to show you off to her friends. You see her at Cheap Charlie’s, and you may work beside her.

Congratulations, you’ve bedded your first sideline girl. She looks like your wet dreams about Asian girls, but you can talk to her like a girl from home.

And you can make her coffee in the morning because yes, she has to go to the office too. The Backpacker Fling Maybe you met her on Tinder or on a drunken night that ended on Khao San. She watches the same TV shows as you, knows about foreign junk food and streams the same bands as you on Spotify.

We don’t know where you found her but don’t bring her out with your local or expat friends because the judging will be harsh and swift. It’s awesome until you realize that, if you wanted to date a girl from home, you could have just stayed there. The Thai “Good Girl” She works in an office and lives with way too many family members.

She’s got a pair of elephant pants, a travel blog and (at least) two-day stubble on her legs. She has to be home by midnight and won’t have sex with you.

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