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When the FILESTREAM attribute of a VARBINARY (MAX) column is set, it becomes a ‘FILESTREAM enabled’ column.

Any data that you store in such columns will be stored in the NT file system as a disk files and a pointer to the disk file is stored in the table.

Updating file author attribute with vb entiredating com

When the FILESTREAM attribute is set, SQL Server stores the BLOB data in the NT file system and keeps a pointer the file, in the table.

SQL Server ensures transactional consistency between the FILESTREAM data stored in the NT file system and the structured data stored in the tables.

The FILESTREAM feature can be enabled by setting the appropriate options on this page.

If you wish to automate this process, you could try running the VBScript given at How to enable FILESTREAM from the command line. Once FILESTREAM feature is enabled, the next step is to configure FILESTREAM Access Level.

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Moreover management (backup, restore, security etc) of the data will be a pain too.

FILESTREAM was introduced in SQL Server 2008 for the storage and management of unstructured data.

However, it became clear that we were missing out on some extraordinarily useful functionality, so we asked Jacob Sebastian to come up with a simple and clear-cut account of the FILESTREAM feature in SQL Server 2008. Storing and managing unstructured data was tricky prior to the release of SQL Server 2008.

Before then, there were two approaches to storing unstructured data in SQL Server.

One approach suggests storing the data in a VARBINARY or IMAGE column.

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