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if you turn a 1protectron into a 1assaultron, the protectron will be animated like the assaultron and will look badass while doing so. Best to use this with 3rd person camera mod like the Life Is Strange Camera angle (3rd Person Camera) one.

Theres a way to good the goodies without starting a new game.

Moving forward while pressing left attack or right attack will do a power attack.

Now if you want to be one of the robots you need to only load the main mod, do not load any skins.

now load your own save and change the race into the robot you want.

enter setrace 1assaultron or setrace 1protectron or setrace 1sentrybot, and now it will be a invisible robot but now you have to save, quit and pick a skin you want for that robot and after you loaded it up it will display the model onto your old save, note you do not get any goodies doing it this way.

You can also change their animations by changing the race.

You can pay with cash, card or credit and on single journeys, know the fare before you travel.

Share your journey with other community members through the auto-match feature or fare split with friends.

No power armor for you.---So you need to enable the main file and enable a skin of which robot you wanna play as.

if you do not enable a skin or load a old save your character model will be invisible.

Protectron and Assaultrons have a Head laser that can be used by pressing the bash/power attack (Left Alt or RB)Sentry bots have these bomb launchers that can be used with the sneak key/button and the Bash/power Attack key/button (Left Alt or RB)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you choose to disable this mod, delete all the files so it doesn't effect what it changes.


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