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The multiple-choice problem is becoming a bit of an issue.

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Dislife rudating

You could probably start a good drinking game every time I mention these activities to you.

It’s just that I think this is the key to happiness. Money gives you the power to decide what those things are and shrug off the rest. Your support makes me giddy and I feel so lucky you exist.

In anticipation of the big unveiling, here are the top ten posts that you know you can’t wait to Dislike on Facebook. Cake monster in attack mode.” Example caption 2: “Happy birthday Finnigan.

Every day you inspire me with your curiosity…you courage…your [some other attribute that makes you toddler sound like a Nobel Prize recipient].

You are as competent as the numbers in your various money accounts imply. The good news is that my expenses have been aggressively low this year.

This house-sitting thing can be a crazy cheap way to live.

This is a tone that is becoming increasingly important in the 21st century as access to information increases, as the updating of information happens more naturally, and as blended and mobile learning environments become more common.

Learning depends on a rather eccentric mix of procedural and declarative knowledge -- on the process as much as the end product.

It’s a delight to plot your way to retirement while you’re working and making gobs and gobs of money in a bull market. Payday twice a month while working was satisfying and comforting and just .

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