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"I'm open and willing to be educated on the issue, but I'm not saying now I'm leaning toward it." Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, who supports the changes, said: "It's a radioactive issue to a lot of people. But, this can't be ignored." California created the registry in 1947 as a tracking tool for law enforcement.

Today, the registry continues guiding law enforcement but is also used for Megan's Law, which allows local law enforcement agencies to notify the public about sex offenders who pose a risk and offers the public a searchable website of most registered sex offenders in their neighborhoods.

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’ They knew daddy would be proposing to mommy as soon as she got to leave [prison].” As the talk turned to the couple’s children – Audrey, 17, and Georgia, 16, who were born when Fualaau was barely in his teens – Letourneau and her husband revealed that they don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to parenting.

“When the girls get in trouble, I wouldn’t handle it the way she would,” Fualaau, 31, admitted. I’ll be sitting there thinking, ‘When will this be over!

Many specific aspects of the board's proposal - including the level of review and oversight involved before someone is removed from the registry - are still being debated, said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley, chairwoman of the state Sex Offender Management Board.

"What we are proposing won't jeopardize public safety or unleash sex offenders who are dangerous in the community," O'Malley said.

Of the 97,000 sex offenders on California's registry, about 75,000 live in communities across the state and 22,000 are incarcerated.

About 80 percent of all the offenders are posted on the Megan's Law website.

“Our girls are in the same school district that I taught in, and so they are are in school with teachers that I used to work with,” she said.

The couple also admit that they never directly talked to their daughters about the scandal surrounding their relationship, but they eventually figured it out through Google and gossip.

While Fualaau said he remained faithful to Letourneau in his “heart and mind” while she was in prison, the former teacher says he wasn’t. The couple communicated through their young daughters, who helped Fualaau propose to Letourneau.

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