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Scott’s quartet member Hank (Andrew Arrow) gives him tips on how to not be nervous when singing.

Hank comments that he hasn’t seen Paula with the wives. Meanwhile, Paula is studying with Sunil (Pravesh Cheena).

That’s sparked a wave of outrage and concern from parents, educators and advocates.

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He also tries to be interested when Paula talks about the Supreme Court case she’s reading from 1880 for class.

Josh gives his new girlfriend Anna (Brittany Snow) a cat collar for her cat.

Even before the page has fully loaded, the popular Facebook group “Teen Dating and Flirting” looks like a something straight out of some parental nightmare.

It has the full teen trifecta — sexting, cyberbullying and strangers — in one unmoderated public forum that anyone, of any age, can access.

If anyone should apologize first it should be Paula since she was the one who came to her party and insulted everyone.

Paula says she knows they are in a bad place right now, but she can’t focus on that because she has a big paper due.

Scott reminds how supportive he’s been of her going to law school, but he feels left out. And because Rebecca can read lips, she is able to determine that Josh is telling Anna that he’s never, ever felt about anyone the way he feels about her. The only thing down there is regret filled with rabbit poop.” After Heather leaves, Valencia decides that since Josh is obviously over them she needs to get laid (turning down Rebecca’s girl bonding binge watching “Friday Night Lights”).

Meanwhile, after Scott leaves the house to get a drink with Hank and cool off, Paula calls Sunil. This leads to the 80s style song “You Go First” in which Paula and Rebecca sing about how much they both want to apologize, but want the other to make the first move.

A sneaky Rebecca pretends that the hospital needs to know personal information about Anna such as her age, weight, whether she’s committed any felonies or if she has a boyfriend. What animal hospital needs to know these kinds of personal details about you in order to treat your pet?

Thank goodness, Gravy’s tail was reattached and he’s going to be okay.

” Valencia recognizes Anna as the woman who does all the famous people’s eyebrows at her shop.

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