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You have to really look at the wish list like, ' Is this worth it?

' Somebody I know..wife left him because he was married to his job.

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Now, he goes home and he settles in on the couch and watches Sportscenter and he processes you.

And if his wish list doesn't match up to yours, that's why you didn't get the call.

If you're doing all the work in the beginning, that's gonna be the marriage."Patti's Tip: When to say "I love you.""Within six months.

If he hasn't said ' I love you' within six months, you got a problem.

In the video above, the matchmaker talked about the importance of a smooch and how it should be handled: “Take her hair, throw her against the wall and give her a big one! She’s in heat.” The outspoken matchmaker added, “She’s determined, but what happens if he’s not there?

She’s always looking for the fly in the ointment.” She also shared some of her tips for all of the single ladies. “Those who travel in packs don’t attract.” Stanger’s top three dating red flags or dating do nots: Don't talk about your exes, don't be a sloppy drunk and make sure to say please and thank you.

Bachelorette Jo Jo Fletcher sent home Alex (after an underwhelming day of horseplay) and James Taylor, right after she admitted to a special connection with the latter.

As part of the season 12 Bachelorette panel, Million Dollar Matchmaker's Patti Stanger sat down with Us Weekly Video correspondent Christina Garibaldi and Us Weekly assistant editor Jamie Blynn to discuss some of the biggest surprises from the ABC dating series' current season.

"Patti's Tip: Not getting discouraged."There's too much competition, especially in New York City where it's 5:1 [women to men]. ' He'll say '35.' You know by 33, 32, he's looking for a wife because he's gonna take a year to find her, a year to get in a relationship and get engaged, and a year to get married, and a year to have a kid.

The competition is you go ' I'm gonna end up being alone.' It's like you basically create these dramas and these stories in your head. It keeps you clear and gives you confidence."Patti's Tip: How to know his marriage/kids timeline."If you want kids, this is what I would say in the beginning if I was dating someone. That's within five years—30 to 35—so you know that that's his plan, and men usually stick to their plan."Patti's Tip: What to say when he's not giving you what you deserve."Look, you're not on my page, I'm not on yours, and I don't want to hold you up.

I started dating recently (I went to Miraval spa last week) and I'm obsessed with meditation.

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