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Although these changes acted as a push factor for the reforms, theoretical and empirical evidence suggests that the reforms were in fact made possible by the changes in institutions of representation and decision-making, introduced with the changes in the EU treaties prior to the reforms. and Crombez, two institutional changes that are considered to be particularly important for improving the chances for reform are the change in decision-making procedures and the change in the Commission appointment procedures.

Firstly, the replacement of the unanimity rule in decision-making on the CAP with the qualified majority vote (QMV), introduced by the Single European Act of 1987, prevented individual member states from blocking policy changes.

Can the same CAP extend from the Arctic Circle, to Suffolk, and to Crete?

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This article argues that the introduction of the co-decision procedure under the Lisbon Treaty, which increased the European Parliament's legislative powers, has generated a "co-decision trap" that has hindered further reforms.

Since the 1980s, the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has undergone a series of reforms, influenced by the changes in the external trade environment and the need to accommodate the policy to the budgetary framework, as well as emerging issues such as environmental concerns.

This has slowed things down and resulted in a great deal of ‘no-decision’.

A farming analogy would be that of a ewe with two milking teats and triplets to feed.

However, under UKIP’s agricultural policy for an independent Britain, many of these difficulties melt away.

Our policy is not yet complete, but we have made real progress and the key points are as follows: There is a queue of other agricultural policies awaiting approval by our NEC.

Furthermore, due to the opposition in France to Fischler's nomination, the appointment of a strong Commissioner would not have happened without changes in the Commission appointment procedures.

Additional institutional changes were introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon (2007).

One lamb usually loses out and the MEPs, desperately hoping for a few crumbs of compromise from the Council, find themselves in this role. As the MEPs may not see some altered texts until shortly before the election, there may not be time for the Commission to react to a vetoed text, meaning an incomplete reform, which is a failed reform.

Adding further to the complexity, a new dynamic has recently developed with the Commission re-writing the text to alter the meaning, after three years of laborious negotiation, using ‘delegated acts’, a special legal instrument confirmed in the Lisbon Treaty. Many MEPs would prefer to face their electorates with no reform at all as opposed to trying to explain the hopeless muddle that has emerged.

Tredici settimane di laboratorio, lezioni teoriche e pratiche per acquisire nel minor tempo possibile l’autonomia e la conoscenza degli ingredienti, le tecniche e le basi della pasticceria.


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