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And unfortunately, Apple doesn't have a Webcam Preference Pane in OSX.

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One Apple compatible webcam effects and image adustment solution is a $20 app called i Glasses from

It also provides alot of webcam effects to play with.

Start in your Apple Address Book: Family & friends with, say, @or @are good candidates for Apple Messages, i Chat, @for Yahoo Messenger, @or @for MSN Messenger buddies.

Or try a video session with Face Book friends online.

Apple intentionally does not allow external USB Mac webcams to be selected as a video source in i Move. Try a special hack from Mactaris that allows i Move to 'see' an external 3rd-party web camera.

Otherwise you'll simply need to record your video with some other Quick Time compatible video capture app - then bring it into i Movie for editing.Some USB video devices simply will present an on-screen dialog: "This Device Requires A USB 2.0 Port".Frankly, Macs lacking USB 2.0 ports have hit obsolescence anyways.They may or may not actively use chat programs, but at least this is a starting point.Many social networking and adult profile sites often have webcam chat rooms you can join if you so choose. It's the most fully featured Mac/PC Cross-Platform webchat experience available. It has both G-rated and X-rated rooms to visit, online member status and more. It offers a built-in community you can browse & optionally connect with.If webcam chat or capture is important to you, spend your money on a new Mac first.


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