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The problem is the Update Collection is properly populated with the needed members and under the deployment tab (in member properties) I see updates set for install.

However, the updates are not being installed at all or during the configured maintenance window.

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Again, Microsoft has some information on How to Create Query Rules.

Once the new collection is created, it will take a few moments for the Collection Evaluator to update the collection membership so we can see how many systems we have.

Microsoft has an excellent tool that comes with the Config Mgr Toolkit called which can be used to see all of your collections and details about their most recent evaluations.

If we open CEViewer on our Site Server and look at the last evaluation time for our new collection, we can see how much time it took for that evaluation to occur.

There are quite a few "nerd knobs" in SCCM and I have been researching on my own, but hoping a fellow Spicehead may notice something I am missing and point me in the right direction.

Hi everyone Roberto Rodriguez here with a Configuration Manager support tip for you.

This can be based on customer requirements but the collections are generally desktop and server collections (rather than collections per product).

However, after several attempts at trying different approaches, I've decided on a method that delivers a robust solution and is easy to understand and manage.

It may take a few minutes to query depending on the size of your environment but if you refresh after a few minutes you should see servers being added to the collection.

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