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This led to their much-publicized departure from the group in 2010.

Well my Yunho, I hope you find happiness with whoever you're destined to be with.

As long as she makes you happy we'll be happy ♥ but hurry up baby, I see this fatherly smile on your face whenever you deal with kids and I just know you want this.

" the moment I saw her in the drama I was like "she's so pretty, I hope Yunho dates someone like her" and then whattaya know?

This happens now and I'm like 0.0 But well, it's been quite firmly denied.

what's strange is that so many people say they get a gay vibe from Yunho 0.0 Well, it's not like I'll love any less if he was actually gay.

I love all of him including his choices of life and his preference.In late 2001, at the age of fifteen, Yunho was featured as a rapper and backup dancer in Dana's debut single "Diamond", and briefly toured with her.In 2002, Yunho was selected to be a backup dancer for Shinhwa and was chosen to be part of the project boy band Four Seasons, which consisted of fellow trainees Kim Jae-joong, Kim Hee-chul, and Kangin.The final line-up of TVXQ consisted of Yunho, Max Changmin, Jaejoong, Park Yoo-chun, and Kim Jun-su.The group officially debuted on December 26, 2003 during a Bo A and Britney Spears showcase.There is the factor of keeping up the atmosphere of the drama, and because they also have their separate love lines, it seems like they're trying to make sure they don't cause any harm to the drama. You can see it in their eyes that it's different."Stay tuned for updates to come!


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  2. They were going to attend their friends birthday party but her husband takes a different route.

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