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Each surf report page features detailed tide charts, wind data, sea temperatures, dependable LOLA surf models and more -- whatever it takes to describe exactly what the surf and conditions are like right now is what we provide in our surf reports.

We are dedicated to giving you the best, most comprehensive and dependable surf reports in the world.

All profiles start to blend together, and people start to look like products for manic profile surfers and winkers.

How can you begin to find a good person when all start looking the same?

Add to this, their long wish lists, unrealistic expectations, and an overpopulated on line marketplace…

all of these factors contribute to losing perspective, and not selecting very good potential partners, based on looks alone.

The Dor Yeshorim Mission DY began its mission for prevention by testing for Tay-Sachs disease.

The carrier rate for Gaucher’s is 1 out of 14 individuals of Askhenazi Jewish descent, significantly more frequent than the other fatal and debilitating diseases on the DY testing panel, however manifests significant symptoms in relatively few cases.

Surfline's goal is to help you score the best possible surf, so you can be in the right place at the right time, and to plan your time around the best surf rather than planning your surfing around your limited time.

Welcome to Camscape's 1525 webcams, organised in 257 different places across the world..

Did you mention in your profile any of the following: your fractious relationship with your ex wife; your innate un-employability; your glue addiction; your collection of soft toys; your suspicion that all women are bunny boilers; your fondness for snuggles; your love of Mumford and Sons; your safe word.


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  2. I too have felt the sting of defeat by the hand of the Chinese.

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