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I don't want to see anybody else victimized by this scammer. PES*MUCHBUY SHENZHEN CN 1482.390000 CNY at 8.74463 Although I thought I had cancelled the Fraudulent Canada Goose transaction on I was charged £180.00. I received a receipt the day I ordered but I haven't received any shipping/tracking information. I was led to believe that I purchased a pair of branded boots but was in fact sent a cheap pair of plastic boots from China. My original purchase was from known as bargain store.

The bank advised me that this is a fraudulent site so please beware. Oh yeah, and in the Custom's Declaration there is no signature on the parcels.. The cremes have arrived under such names as "Embrase Beauty" and "La Mereskin". So today I contacted my credit card company and they opened a dispute and reversed the charges. They are way over-priced and then you get these monthly charges on top of everything else - a scam! One month later a package from China arrived with a T-Shirt!

I just cancelled that credit card because they are obviously crooks.

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I will escalate this to my credit card company if need be. This is a company that advertise dr martens on instagram click go to the shop and purchase a lot of people have done this including myself and it appears they are a scam stealing money from people ???????? COM ONLINE, GBR - 1 x $134.93 & second 2 weeks later of 136.93, both including AUD FOREIGN FEE.

Have had to cancel my credit card, apply for refund and wait on new credit card.

You may have to keep emailing the company each day, to show a history of trying to reach them to no avail. I ordered Swea T-Shirt on the same day (16th January 2018) from Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly. I was charged 168.61$ by FS BUFAN W TECH FOSHANSHI CN. I want to report a scam / fraudulent charge on my credit card.

I payed debit card and have the simmilar name on my statement FHT*QINRUO CO SHENZHEN CN. I still haven't recived my order and have no reply form "so-called " store owner. Have tried to contact the company repeatedly and they do not respond. there, I have bought a pair of Dr Martens boots and the charge was taken by FHT*Xiolin LTD. I bought some Garden boots from them it said they were $26 haven't got them yet I got my bank statement today and they had charged me $36 for them you still haven't got them I'm thinking I need to go debit card before they take it I've tried to email hey have had my money now for over a month haven't heard anything out of them I guess I just got scammed again $36 makes me sick Merchant is PURWATE. Emails asking for tracking number were never replied to. They set up a fake website of discount designer clothes...after purchase it became evident it was a scam, beware...*PINGOFF CO SHENZHEN CHN I was conned by the fraudulent Black Friday Sales advertisement on Facebook to puschased an electric Mixer and was been charged by this merchant PES*bosssellthings in CNY dollars. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.

Also, the price of the jacket online was less than what my card was charged. I made an order (one pair of shoes)and made the payment with my creditcard. my card was frozen about this time for suspected other international fraud transactions from Cypress with me resident in Australia. 9149bd I have 3 charges on my bank statement from pes nourshpdshoope shizuishan the first is for 19 cents the next one is for 74 cents and the last one is for $92.59. Emails asking for tracking number were never replied to. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website. Two illegal charges on my credit card for month Jan 18 - 1 x $131.00 Foreign fee $3.93 and 1 x $132.95 Foreign Fee $3.98. Your product will never be delivered but by the time you realise (because it all seems legit with the tracking order system they're running) it will be too late. I ordered 3 pairs of boots for 65.83 the money was takin out of my account they sent me a email stating the amount will be different then my reciept which was 5$ more i ordered them in December and I still have not recieved my product We found an item on e Bay, and while researching it, I found a better price for the EXACT same item on a different site.

On top of that there was a foreign transaction fee that was never mentioned in the sale. I have no idea who this is but I will be taking this to my bank. COM Have taken payment ,issued tracking for over a month ,it all looked legitimate and proper. We ordered and paid for a 10pc tool package, we haven't received any of it. Your last tracking order message will say UNDELIVERABLE MISROUTED. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website. This is not uncommon, since actual retailers will sell the same items online and on e Bay.After I made a complain in my bank and asked to cancel my card the money was refunded to my account a couple of days later. Website is in German so it's crazy I got an e-mail saying that the amount showing on your statement will be "a bit difference" from the price on seller's website.....Immediately I cancelled the order by mail and ask for a refund. Can anyone tell me what the asterisk (*) means in the name of a company address as in? One bottle arrived before the charge came out of my Visa card. This fraudulent charge was made to my card after I placed an order at an order that was supposed to have processed for 24.98. I am now in a dispute with them as I had cancelled the samples (which they never sent) and then said they shipped the 89.95 product. Their number is 844-200-3473 they never call back try this number888-964-5358 I ordered a diet and detox supplement and thought that it was going to cost around .00 Australian for the 2 bottles including postage, now i find i have been charged 0.57Aus for them.Internet Payment Transaction Declaration Transaction details as below: Transaction Date: 20 December 2017Transaction Order ID: 20171220-102507Transaction Amount: 382.32USDCard Number: NOTE: 1. Do not purchase from this website : - this is fraudulent. you will never receive a response and any sort of confirmation. Once purchased, I got a cryptic email saying that I’ll get a different charge against my bank due to “exchange rates”... I then got a text from my bank asking if I authorized a charge which was more than the one I just paid?? I called my card in as fraud charge immediately and got the transaction canceled and a new card reissued. I made a .99USD purchase from a website called LOOKFAN which never stated that the company was offshore.

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