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Di Nardo had been appointed in 20 to Bensalem Township’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board by the township’s mayor, records show.

Though, acquaintances said that he had privately bragged to people about killing before.

But each outlined the victims’ final hours in their detailed accounts to investigators.

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Lawyers for Di Nardo declined to comment after his arraignment Friday.

Kratz told authorities he had not yet retained counsel.

Investigators later tracked Meo’s car to the Di Nardo estate, the thread that would eventually unravel the rest of the case.

Despite the calculated slayings the men described, nothing in either of their criminal pasts suggested a capacity for such extreme violence.

Still, he and Kratz were no strangers to law enforcement — but primarily for petty, nonviolent crimes.

Di Nardo, who has been in custody since Wednesday, charged with the theft of Meo’s car, has had several previous run-ins with local police starting in 2011; he was banned from Arcadia University’s campus after attending one semester there, according to various sources.

Their confessions provided long-awaited answers in a mystery that gripped Philadelphia and much of the region for days.

In a detailed and often disturbing account outlined in affidavits filed for their arrests, the pair described burning some of their victims and burying them 12½ feet underground in a metal tank they referred to as “the pig roaster.” They casually discussed shooting one of the men by saying Di Nardo “finishe[d] him off” with a gun owned by his mother.

Di Nardo, whose parents own the vast acreage, used a backhoe to dig the six-foot ditch where he buried the man, Di Nardo later said.

Two days later, Di Nardo set his sights on Finocchiaro and picked up Kratz on the way to meet him.

But then, out of ammunition, Di Nardo got the backhoe and used it to crush Meo before dumping his body, along with Sturgis’, in the metal tank with Finocchiaro’s corpse, he would later say.

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