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And there must be four independent witnesses to the act of anal intercourse (all other forms of gay sex seem to have escaped Allah’s attention).

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Hence the lack of witch-hunts throughout Islamic history.

And from the 9th until the early 20th century, the love object in Arabic poetry was nearly always a beautiful boy.

Both men are converts to Islam who spent years in the Middle East and North Africa being mentored by formidable Muslim scholars.

They have since become leading intellectual lights for a new generation of American Muslims looking for homegrown leaders who can help them learn how to live their faith without succumbing to American materialism or Islamic extremism.

And then he issued a challenge: ''Where are the Muslim Doctors Without Borders? Augustine, Patton, Eric Erikson, Jung, Solzhenitsyn, Auden, Robert Bly, Gen. Some of his students call him the next Malcolm X -- out of his earshot, because he so often preaches the importance of humility.

Both men draw overflow crowds in theaters, mosques and university auditoriums that seat thousands.The implication is that they will be forever young, handsome, ready and willing.It’s almost enough to make a stubborn atheist contemplate deathbed conversion, just on the off-chance.''One is efficient, the other is pathetic.'' Both Mr. Yusuf have a history of anti-American rhetoric, but with age, they have tempered their views. Shakir told the Houston audience that they are blessed to live in a country that is stable and safe, and in which they have thrived. Imam Zaid Shakir, a lanky African-American in a long brown tunic, looked as if he would fit in just fine on the streets of Damascus.When it came time for questions, one young man stepped to the microphone and asked: ''You said we have an obligation to humanity. " Every seat in the auditorium at the University of Houston was taken, and the crowd was standing in the back and spilling out into the lobby, straining to hear.

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