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I later contacted her ex and asked him about the video and he told me it was an amazing time and that he originally had shared this video with a couple people a long time ago.

A few were intrigued by the idea of sleeping with a black man, but many were afraid.

They said their husbands wanted them to try it, but I told them I wouldn’t help them unless it was absolutely what they wanted to do.

When I uncovered her husband’s stash of pre-DVD videos I was given the keys to all her secrets. When she gets ready for playtime he breaks out the camera and makes her pose for him.

Then he has her flash in the window in front of some golfers.

If you want professionally done videos or some with more lighting, she has a separate non-member section for those videos. There is Rebecca, the hard working intelligent corporate mom, there’s Rebecca the Dreamnet MILF who shares her life with her members and finally there’s the very private side of Rebecca that very few of us even knew about until recently.

You see, Rebecca doesn’t share all of her videos with us.She used to tape some sessions with her lovers for her ex-husband to see and hear and that is how we got ahold of these Private Archives.Now her boyfriend has access to all of them and is sharing them as well.She was so embarrassed and ashamed, but was surprised that I was turned on! I cannot tell you how lucky we all are to have found Rebecca.I wonder how many other women are out there like her.Most were just scared that they might like it too much.


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  6. Despite the obviousness of the situation to an outsider, it happens. This time it was even worse, but it reads almost the same.

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