Dating bear bows

The earliest squeakers we’re side to side for noise, while the later ones were front to back.

Ken did this for years and was an expert appraiser.

I was his understudy or apprentice and together we viewed and enjoyed each and every request that came our way.

His chest fur corresponds to the lower jowl, a trait that Steiff used for their Zotty bears in the 1950s. The same over stitched claws make them related, his smaller size call for three claws as opposed to four for bigger bears. My mom received this bear in 1962 from an Aunt who was 100 years old. The right ear looks to have been torn and re-sewn, the left side seems to have a small hole my guess is for a pull string as there, seems to be some type of box in its abdomen.

Jacob Hi Jacob, Your mom received the iconic Steiff teddy from 1907, considered the "doll sized" teddy.

But, the good news is he has found a new home today and has a legacy to pass along.

At 12", your mohair bear is considered along with the 10" doll sized teddies.Appraising bears online will be a fun adventure for all of us.We will share our discoveries here on this web page. The bear is 13.5" tall Would love your expert opinion.Today the market is still fairly bearish..meaning values are increased for rare and pristine antique pieces. Brenda The first one is 21 inches tall and has moveable joints. There are no markings anywhere but she is beautiful, extremely soft, and able to pose. I feel a little excelsior material in her elbows but mostly she feels stuffed with something softer. William and Charlotte (Charlie), met when he came into her teddy bear shop looking for a consoling teddy for his dear mother. They have flourished and have bear making houses in Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The pads have over stitched claws, a discerning characteristic for some of the styles.He is in mint condition and would carry a value of 0.00.The 16" teddy has a worsted wool look, but with a synthetic material.


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