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Carmen was frustrated Mac was ashamed of their relationship, to the point where his friends thought he was a serial killer because he was acting so strangely.

The term “hermaphrodite” comes from the Greek myth about the child of Hermes and Aphrodite whose name was Hermaphroditus.

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In lichenology, "C" is an abbreviation for the test result of placing 5% solution of calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite (e.g., household bleach without additives) on the cortex or the medulla of a lichen, to note the change in color, with no reaction noted as "C−", and production of a bright colour noted as "C ".a leaf-like structure formed from a sepal or calyx lobe which enlarges, usually many-fold, before or after anthesis, especially when most of the sepals or calyx lobes retain their original size.

More extreme than an accrescent calyx, calycophylls are found in Rubiaceae. semaphyll, basic female reproductive organ in angiosperms, either consisting of a single sporophyll or a single locule of a compound ovary, with a style and a stigma.

'Merton Early' is the cultivar epithet.breaking open at maturity to release contents. to the opening of fruits to release the seeds, of anthers to release the pollen and sporangia to release the spores.

Contrast with indehiscentforking into two equal branches.

Many of the terms used in Wikipedia glossaries (often most) are already defined and explained within Wikipedia itself.

However, lists like the following indicate where new articles need to be written and are also useful for looking up and comparing large numbers of terms together.A cultivar may arise in cultivation or be introduced from the wild.It is a variant of horticultural interest or value.the bottlebrush multiple-flower head of Callistemons.(sepals and petals) a type of imbricate aestivation in which one side of each segment overlaps one of the adjacent segments and the other side is overlapped by the other adjacent segment.see: convolutefleshy, swollen stem base, usually underground, storing food reserves, with buds naked or covered by very thin scales; a type of rootstock.the fleshy outer layer of lychee fruit and as found in Sapindaceae.developing sequentially from the apex towards the base (i.e. For example, where the first is the name of the genus to which the species belongs, and the second is the epithet given to that species to distinguish it from others in the same system of nomenclature in which the scientific name of a species (and not of a taxon at any other rank) is a combination of two names, the first name being the generic name.


  1. They said when it comes to torture, they 'trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.')Swift, who notably refuses to reveal details of her personal life, didn't name any names herself in the interview, but said 'since 2010 I have dated exactly two people,' referring to Kennedy and Styles.

  2. Thanks to the included Car Creator, hundreds of variations with different degrees of weathering and even graffiti can be generated as the fancy takes you.

  3. But when they asked the white bouncer about the cover charge, the bouncer replied "It's free if you're white," Grabill alleges.

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  5. Although the word hippies made other isolated appearances in print during the early 1960s, the first use of the term on the West Coast appeared in the article "A New Paradise for Beatniks" (in the San Francisco Examiner, issue of September 5, 1965) by San Francisco journalist Michael Fallon.

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