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He pleaded guilty and received two consecutive life sentences for the murders. Love or control Silvonek's daughter admitted to detectives that she and Barnes had sex twice the day before the homicide, according to police.

Prosecutors say Silvonek confronted Barnes when she learned about the sexual relationship, just before he stabbed her in the car.

Prosecutors believe Barnes, an Army specialist stationed at Fort Meade, Md., met the girl at a concert in October and kept the relationship going online.

The couple later told prosecutors they had planned to drive west to start a new life.

They were caught the following day after leading police on a televised chase that ended when Ludwig crashed his car into a tree in Indiana.

He then turned and shot his girlfriend's mother as she stood up from her chair.

Ludwig was initially charged with kidnapping Kara after the killings, but that charge was dropped when police learned she willingly got in his car.

While there's no evidence that Silvonek believed Caleb Barnes intended to harm her daughter, there's little doubt she wanted to protect her child from the tattooed soldier who had stolen the girl's heart.

Silvonek's slaying is an extreme example of what can happen when young love turns into obsession, but the problem of teens dating older, sometimes dangerous, people is something many families grapple with."We forget that adolescents are exploring their independence, exploring relationships," said Diane Zanetti, executive director of Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, a domestic violence shelter and educational nonprofit.

She suggested parents use open-ended questions when bringing up concerns."Stay away from language that is accusing," Mooney said.

"Let your child know that you're asking these questions because you are concerned, and because you love them."Zanetti agreed.

"They now have the ability to constantly harass."Social media also make it nearly impossible for parents to stop their children from communicating with people they don't approve of. Teaching moments Talking about sex with teens is difficult for many parents.

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