Harassed nude

A man is facing federal charges in Colorado for manipulating Instagram photos from female athletes at the University of Colorado to look like nude photos and then using them to harass and threaten the women, according to Blair Miller, Robert Garrison and Jace Larson of ABC 7 in Denver.

According to ABC 7, Eric Bolduan, 43, of Rochester, Minn.

Believing she was there to model for a portrait, she was also surprised to be asked to undress — which she did.

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Huff Po claims to have seen the emails between the two and says there was no mention of her doing nude modeling.

Although Close has painted nudes, he is known primarily for close-ups of people’s faces.

is facing charges of interstate communications and stalking after a year-long investigation into the alleged ploy that authorities say targeted four women at Colorado along with as many as 50 other victims across the country.

The harassment and threats allegedly started around November of 2015 when twin sisters from the university started receiving emails with fake nude photos of women in galleries mixed in with real photos of the women, according to ABC 7.

In 2007, she received a call from Close’s assistant for a $200 modeling opportunity.

Under the impression the assistant would be there, she traveled four hours, only to find herself alone with Close.

The outlet adds that one victim says she was sent a message that said, "If you would prefer we stop now and leave you alone, you have two options: 1.

Salma Hayek has claimed she was harassed and propositioned by Harvey Weinstein for close to a decade.

Weinstein demanded she then raise million, get an A-list director, rewrite the script and find four bankable stars to appear alongside her in supporting roles if she wanted to gain control of the film she had personally ushered through pre-production.

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