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For all editions graphics and sounds are loaded from external image files.

Source code for all PHP files is included and also for the FMIS file, Red5 source.

Video Whisper 2 Way Video Chat is a premium high definition P2P video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing.

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Rooms can be created, edited, deleted with multiple options, including resolution and framerate, bandwidh, usage limitations like credits that can be assigned for custom durations (daily, monthly).

This could be used for setting up paid services (offer 2 way video chat rooms to salesmen, sales companies, call centers).

Video Whisper 2 Way Video Chat is a P2P high definition web video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing.

Free version downloads available by registering a free account on the developer website.

Jomsocial groups can be used for setting up room and room creation user permissions.

Video Whisper 2 Way Video Chat module for Joomla will list public rooms and rooms owned by current logged in user.So, now you and your lady can see each others live video and experience new feelings.Enjoy thrilling and memorable moments of your conversation with your dream lady!It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one.The free version can be downloaded for testing and limited use.2-way Live Video Chat is a unique option of Live Chat services.


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