Updating verizon phones for new towers

Cell phone signals are blocked by physical obstacles, which include the walls of your house or building, other nearby buildings, hills and mountains.One way to improve your reception is to move somewhere with fewer obstacles between you and the cell tower.

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Open Signal shows you the direction of the strongest Verizon cell tower signal and displays a map of cell towers near you.

You can download Open Signal from the Apple App Store or Google Play, where it shows in search results as 3G 4G Wifi Maps and Speed Test.

When you connect, you won't hear a ring or any sound; just wait a few seconds, talk, and your voice is echoed back to you.

Walk to different locations in your home or building and talk in each location or as you walk.

Respond to the voice prompts by selecting option No.

2 to update your phone service's roaming capabilities.Even if you don't know the direction to the nearest Verizon cell tower, three simple actions can improve your Verizon signal when you're on a phone call.The more you move around while you talk on the phone, the harder the phone has to work and the spottier your reception may be. If your reception doesn't improve, move on to the next step.Although it's normally a good thing for your phone to avoid changing cell towers frequently because cell tower-hopping drains battery life, you can force your phone to disconnect from the cell tower and search for a stronger connection.The simplest way to connect to a new cell tower is to reboot your phone.For a quicker method turn Airplane Mode on, wait a few moments, and then turn Airplane Mode off again.

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