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The user would then have to pay a ‘fine’ in order to have the device released.Svpeng also checked to see if a banking app was installed, though it is unclear what it did with that information.

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Filip Chytry of Avast Antivirus sheds light on the clue that tells you if you have this kind of malware: Google has suspended these apps from the Google Play Store, so as long as you don’t download them from another source, you’ll be okay.

Cybercriminals in South Korea have created fake social media profiles of attractive women to lure people into cybersex, whom they then blackmail by threatening to release the video on You Tube. The perpetrators are now pretending that they experience audio problems with the chosen software (like Skype) and persuade their victim to download an chat app of their preference.

Google has no plans to patch this vulnerability in Android 4.3 or lower.

The best way to avoid being a target is to upgrade to the latest version of Android as soon as you can, or to avoid surfing through Webview by opening up links in a secure browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Dolphin.

Alcatel-Lucent conducted a study that revealed 16 million mobile devices were hit with malware in 2014.

The Motive Security Labs malware report – H2 2014, which looked at all popular mobile device platforms, found that Android devices have caught up with Windows laptops in terms of malware attack numbers, with infection rates between Android and Windows devices split 50/50.

Just remember that as long as you stick to apps from the official Google Play Store, you are unlikely to encounter any of the dangerous malware out there.

As we’ve shown here, malware lives and thrives in unofficial app stores, which are largely unregulated.

Unlike the first type of malware discussed in this article, Android/Power Off Hijack affects Android 5.0 and higher, and requires root access to work.


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