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Try your best to not puncture or break the sheetrock surrounding the windows while you’re removing.

When our existing trim was removed, we noticed that the extension jam of the window (aka.

This process has taught us that even the seemingly small projects make a big impact in your home.

We used a sliding t-square to measure this in multiple points on our jam, which we then used as a guide when installing the trim.

Also, cutting a scrap of our 1″ x 4″side pieces (aka casing), we held it in place and marked the outside edge to help us determine the measure for the Head Piece.

I seriously needed this post 6 months ago when I was adding casing around all of my basement windows, which cost way more than I wanted it to.

Below you are going to see the incredible window trim they created with just standard pieces of pine.

And we’re looking at how we can make transforming back-end technology and processes part of the picture.

– authoritative data sets that can help form the infrastructure that underpins government services. We’ll prioritise producing guidance and patterns to help service teams meet the new version of the standard.

We’ll be sharing each step with you, so while this might look daunting – we know you can do it!

Start by removing the existing window trim using a pry bar.

the wooden framework that surrounds your window) wasn’t wide enough because it wasn’t wide enough to meet our Sheetrock.


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