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As the progenitor of the Erasmus family of South Africa, his legacy continues to thrive in his descendants who are still crafting wine in this region to this very day.

This Cinsault is made from 40 year old bush vines, of which only ten barrels have been produced.

TRADE ENQUIRY Since the late 1400s, The Merchants had been coming to the Cape of Storms to find fame and fortune.

The Nature Reserve draws inspiration from this wondrous biodiversity, tapping into the essence of the natural environment where the grapes are grown.

The brand is Fairtrade certified, environmentally- and socially responsible. Roman queen of the gods, divine protectress and symbol of eternal youth. She wears a goat’s skin to symbolise her combatant force, while her chariot is drawn by peacocks who safeguard her.

From the VOC’s headquarters in Amsterdam it transported high company officials to far-away colonies.

When it floundered in bad weather and ran aground near Table Bay in 1647 the heroic crew’s survival and exploration of the vicinity led to the establishment of a halfway station by Jan van Riebeeck on April 6, 1652, that ultimately led to the founding of South Africa and the first vines being planted in the Cape.

In every bottle we bring you the sparkling spirit of the fearless, fun and fabulous women of the world.

With subtle notes of fruit and biscuit, lightly invigorated with an extra fizz, Lei is best enjoyed at picnics, cocktails, sundowners, dinner and dance parties.

TRADE ENQUIRY De Nieuwe Haarlem, carries a legend filled with bravery, adventure and perseverance.

As one of the VOC’s (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) fleet it ploughed the oceans between continents at a time when the VOC was the world’s first and mightiest multi-national corporation.

TRADE ENQUIRY In addition to producing and bottling quality wines, Cape Wine Merchants is also able to offer wine in bulk to clients both locally and abroad.

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