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I made my first trip to Eastern Europe about a decade ago.

These are only one-fifth of all marriages, which are registered between foreign men and Ukrainian women, because the majority of Ukrainian brides prefer to travel to the country of their fiancée and have the marriage registered there.

The western world as a whole has become more and more international and intercultural.

In this situation, dating and marriage agencies in Ukraine nowadays have had an increase of inflow of women's profiles into their catalogs.

As the services are 100% free for women in most of the marriage companies, there is also very little risk in joining the catalogs for the charming Ukrainian brides.

Still, if she could find a good man in Ukraine without too much trouble, she would - but it's hard.

First women date locally, then nationally, then they start looking internationally.

Some of them come to Ukraine with a real purpose of marriage; others visit Ukraine out of curiosity — to see with their own eyes, whether the Ukrainian women are really so attractive, and how good are their chances in finding a wife and a lifetime friend in a beautiful, charming and feminine lady, who may be 15-20 years younger but very well educated and smart. Since the beginning of 2008, thousands of Ukrainian women leave their country with fiancée visas and marry foreign men each year.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine reports that 19 thousand marriages have been registered only in Ukraine during the latest four years.

Achieving a stable relationship is becoming task number one to them.

According to press releases in local Ukrainian newspapers, some foreign visitors benefit from this situation. You'll have to visit Ukraine yourself to make your personal opinion.

In their turn, Ukrainian women, being internationally regarded as “perfect” wives and mothers, are more and more interested in marrying men from the West, as these marriages provide better guarantees of security, safety and a comfortable life for themselves and their children. Tough financial situations push these women in becoming more active in making decisions about their personal lives.


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