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Peter, better to pray for his soul’s salvation, and concentrate, instead, on the blessed defense of and love for Catholicism, a miraculous creed. Strengths of the Orthodox Reformation With all the above properly kept in mind, there are other theologically orthodox implications and ramifications as to other (read: orthodox-traditionalist) attributes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.One of these may be denominated infusibility due to the ever ongoing guidance of the Holy Ghost.

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All this, however, is in spite of the monumental and ongoing grave crisis in the Church, since Vatican Council II, in the mid-1960s.

A convinced disciple of that wayward Council, evil Pope Francis, in his terrible efforts to radicalize and pervert the Church and its holy purposes, seems to have forgotten the meaning of these attributes in supposedly thinking that they only describe himself and his papal powers.

The loved totality of the intellectual and theological defense of the Sacred Faith should then always, therefore, properly include its related infusibility and as a suitable and appropriate means of refuting heretics and the plainly ignorant as well; and, of intellectually, morally, and spiritually reinforcing the important need for holy orthodoxy and a life dedicated to holiness.

This factor of resolute infusibility negates efforts to absurdly strip off elements of the Church as if one could get at, e.

Such, although not seemingly suspected, will yet prove to be his own fatal Achilles’ heel, regardless of the popular press adoring and cheering him and, one suspects, many Satanists secretly applauding him in a snooty snide manner.

There appears to be, one greatly suspects, a (deliberate) sort of forgetfulness that he is only the chief Servant of the Servants of Christ, not an absolute dictator, imperial autocrat, or unrestrainable tyrant.

Yes, he is, also, the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, and Sovereign of the State of Vatican City known as the Holy See, besides then being the Petrine Apostolic Primate Extraordinaire of the entire Catholic Church no less.

Nonetheless, there is no need for the vilely gross absurdity and obnoxiously worshipful sycophancy of papolatry.

Proofs of such overt and supremely Christian instantiation do axiomatically include the all of the Holy Church’s authority, history/historicity, Catholic origins of the Bible, the Biblical sanctions for all its Holy Sacraments, and the fact that the obnoxious heresy of is not really supported by the Bible.


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