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This sounds like a book title the Mayor would be interested in — and I want to see incinerated. Xander out.” I spoke into my telephone mic and said to Lydia, knowing full well Cortana was listening in on this line also, “Do they need assistance in completing their mission?See if you can track both of these items or who has them in their hands right now. ” Lydia was taken aback for a second and then she said, “They have a good lead on one of the items.Still Xander was vulnerable when he wasn’t inside that futuristic space armor of his and he sincerely hoped they never learned that Vengeance was Xander. Rupert sighed, his final decision made and dropped the package into the steel box. First company business in my office, then Ted’s robot in the lab and then back up to the college in the afternoon.

So I would like to know if your contracts have a penalty payment clause – assuming you lose or fail to return the item. She coughed a few times and said, “Some of these things are really evil and impossible to destroy.” I chuckled over the phone at her, “You said impossible… ” Lydia paused and huffed, “Ok, maybe not impossible to destroy. The package was for overnight delivery to London, England. The contents was Alexander’s reports on: Epifugi, Lurconis, the Olvikan he killed, the Olvikan in the wilds of Canada, the evil human cultists group hiding behind the Mu Eta Omega Fraternity and a report on the death of the Old One Cthulhu.

I’ll call Grandpa and ask.” I said still upbeat, “That’s all I ask. The package also contained a request from Vengeance to the Watchers Council for aid - to find any other cultists hiding an Old One.

It might make a small difference and save a few humans. One specific for Sunnydale and the other for sale anywhere on the planet. Normally I can move pretty quickly doing this but I’ve been more than slow. I was walking from my car to my first engineering course when my mobile phone rang.

With coupons in the back for VBG and a toll free number for sales. Delicious images of Willow’s skin and memories of her scent kept intruding. It was Lydia and she never called me unless it was important. ” Lydia was distracted but all business, “Hey boss. I’ll ask Willow to touch you twice for me.” I must have flushed, in anticipation and before I could say anything, Cortana just tee-heed at me and then continued.

I have bootleg copies of all of the school janitors master keys. This is just a heads up, Teraka has a team in town to retrieve a couple of stolen occult items.” I neuronetted Cortana and fast burst asked her, “Hey lover. “Besides that, Teraka has a four man team that arrived in town about lunchtime. The book is called the ‘Book of Ascension’, which sounds like just the ticket for our snake loving Mayor.

What can you tell me about this Teraka team and their target? They checked in with Lydia about 20 minutes ago.” I said to Cortana, “You’re correct about the book.

My salesmen wanted to start making three more models all smaller in size for more discrete carrying.

I gave them the go ahead and sample designs for five new models. I think we need to start taking the names of the student buyers and send them a free copy of my ‘How to Stay Alive in Sunnydale Guidebook.’ Really just a simple Laser printer paper-book on the vampires and common surface demons.

With Cortana's help they will change this Earths future. Then she just had to tell me that you and Willow were… I reminded him that I also had stories to tell, “If we agree not to talk about Willow and I, then I won’t talk about you and Jenny.

Xander is the only Spartan on earth or this universe. Waking up with Willow’s cheek on my shoulder this morning was something… I was in a love haze and could barely wait to see her again. He said with way too much humor, “Buffy was in here first thing this morning. I prudently, didn’t tell her that I had seen your video before she did.

She will act as my legal counsel in the conference call.


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