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[Dummy has ace-jack-nine, declarer has king-three-deuce. Standard procedure would be to finesse the jack, hoping to find the queen onside; it would be a backward finesse to lead the jack, hoping to find the queen over the jack and then the ten onside.] (4) a response of two notrump to an opening suit one-bid to show a balanced hand with (originally) 16-18 points, or (more modernly) 16-17 points; sometimes played as 16-plus points with no upper limit a bid that asks partner to bid a grand slam with a stronger trump holding than already indicated (sometimes applied six clubs when a different suit is agreed or, more generally, to the bid one step below six of the agreed trump suit) specifying the partnership that can make the highest contract on the deal [Usage: The deal belongs to East-West for three spades.

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(b) Count 3-2-1 for void, singleton, doubleton; subtract 1; if 4-3-3-3, subtract an additional 0.5.

(c) In each suit, multiply its 4-3-2-1 pointcount by its adjusted suit length and divide by 10 [adjust from actual length as follows: add 1-2-3 for a seven-card, eight-card, or longer suit missing either the queen or jack; for any ten, add 0.5 and an additional 0.5 if it is in a six-card or shorter suit with the jack or any two higher honors; for a nine in a suit at most six cards long, add 0.5 if accompanied by the ten, the eight, or any two higher honors.

[Example: Three notrump floated = three notrump was passed out.

West's three spades floated around to South = North and East passed over three spades.] valuation units (requiring a relatively complex calculation) that result from adding values for (a) high-card strength in controls and nonlosers, (b) distribution, and (c) suit quality [(a) Count 3-2-1 for ace, guarded king, twice-guarded queen; add 0.5 for each of these: singleton king, doubleton queen under a higher honor, jack under exactly two higher honors; subtract 0.25 for a queen-tripleton or longer with no higher honor; add 0.25 for each of these: queen-doubleton, jack with exactly one higher honor, ten with exactly two higher honors, ten-nine with exactly one higher honor.

Gift cards can be purchased online as an electronic gift certificate delivered by email, or in-store as a plastic card no bigger than a credit or debit card.

The back of the card looks much like the back of a credit card, with a magnetic stripe that is swiped at the cash register during a transaction - much like a regular transaction when using a credit or debit card.[Example: To convert a force to a given level means that the partnership may not (systemically)defend an undoubled opposing bid no higher than that level.If an action "converts forces to two spades," the partnership may not let the opponents play undoubled at two spades or below; this is a weaker restriction than "forcing to two spades," which both converts forces to two spades and requires the partnerhsip itself to bid at least that high.] adjust the contract to a different strain, having been offered a choice by partner.Most common bidding and defensive card-play agreements are not encrypted, even though their interpretations may benefit from knowledge available to only some players, because the governing partnership agreement does not change.Suppose, for instance, that a defender makes a lead from equal cards that establishes a suit at notrump.It is often agreed that the card chosen is a suit-preference signal--high card suggests entry, strength or interest in a relatively high-ranking suit; low card refers to a low-ranking suit.


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