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c 1983 Prudential-Bache Secunuas Member SIPC Prudential-Bache Securities LETTERS Th« Vatican Exhibition I APPLAUD KAY LARSON'S BRAVE REVIEW of the Vatican show ["Art: The Popes and the Pomp," February 14]. According to Armstrong, Mott: Surreptitious taping the vote was precipitated by Mott's "surreptitious" tap- ing of part of a committee session, but the millionaire liberal contends his record- er wasn't concealed. "I suspect Armstrong is behind this." Mott said that he made the recording because his colleagues were keeping "incorrect minutes" con- cerning a feud he's been having with Armstrong, who, Mott claims, appointed himself the fund's chief ex- ecutive of Ticer. Davis and pleaded with him to ap- plaud the stranger's own composition. Davis went on to identify this man as Lawrence Widdoes. Davis's ears are certainly better than his eyes, for Mr. As for the money-market savings accounts, the banks are currently bettering the non-bank money-market-fund interest rates, though that situation is not likely to last. Most banks are linking the money-market accounts to regular checking accounts so that customers can make all the transfers they want into the checking account, on which an unlimited number of checks can be written. Widdoes spent the entire evening in the company of composers and members of the Juilliard faculty. Lawrence Widdoes Manhattan Peter Davis replies: When a man told me his work was on the next half of the program, I assumed, as there were only two pieces left, one by a composer I know by sight, that the man who ad- dressed me was Mr. Only Bankers Trust, Chemical, and National Bank of North America exact a maintenance fee. 6, 2 p.m.; "Necrology" (1969) by Standish Lawder; p.m.: "Back and Forth" by Michael Snow; p.m.: "Diaries, Notes, Sketches.

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^ We can provide you with a computer system and an out- standing selection of software from IBM, Apple, Epson, or Os- borne. Callas also could have done a wonderful Salome had she chosen to " 'Bern Scatc RI ■JMi^^'*^ . Edward Barth-Mc Guire I Manhattan IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ANTHONY BURGESS has stubbed his own musical toe. Burgess limits his discussion to women "because all the great operatic roles are female." What about Boris Godunov, Verdi's Otello, or the Don Giovanni of Mozart, the composer who "had little time for singers of any kind" and yet was able to come up with The Magjic Flute, Idomeneo, Cost Fan Tutti, and Abduc- tion? Burgess asserts that in "marry- ing into Italy" he married into opera, but I suspect that his marital rations of mu- sic have been short. The de- terioration of this housing is accelerat- ing rapidly. T.: Gastel Glnb VOWING THAT HIS CLIEN- tele will include only "the very best," Jean Castel is planning a New York ver- sion of his famous Paris nightspot. This will be hard com- petition for Regine," said Castel's public-relations woman, Yanou Collart.

We also have a fully trained staff of computer professionals who will advise you on a one-to- one basis, offer demonstrations and provide you with practical hands-on experience. proper in Scotch with a Splash Scotch and Soda Scotch and Tonic Scotch and Bitters do so. Sixty years is the maximum useful life of a building absent substan- tial new investment for reconstruction or replacement. "One day, Castel refused to allow King Hussein, of Jor- dan, into the Paris club, be- cause he had four body- guards with him and they would have ruined the am- bience." Located in the Crown Building, at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, the mem- bership-only club (initiation fee, about $750; annual dues, probably around $300) is set to open in November and will feature two restaurants and a disco. You only have to put in an extra $500 right now, on top of the $2,000 max- imum, to reach the $2,500 threshold.

Almost all of the banks require that the customer keep a minimum balance to obtain the market rate. 2 p.m.: "Blonde Cobra" (1959/63) by Bob Fleischner and Ken Jacobs, with Jack Smith; p.m.: "Senseless" (1962) by Ron Rice; p.m.: "Skullduggery", "Panels for the Wall lo the World", "Science Friction." Dir.

If the balance falls below that, the interest rate reverts to the old 5.25 percent for the month. In its money-market account, Irving will penalize you with the 5.25 percent rate only for those days the balance falls below $2,500, not for the whole month.

Some Oldsmobiles are equipped with engines produced by other GM divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated companies worldwide. Bartholomew's Church, has a new fight on his hands — with General Motors heir Stewart Mott. 6: Films Directed by Vincente Minnelli in Celebration of his Birthday.

SINCLAIR ARMSTRONG, leader of the opposition to plans to build above St.

From the moment you walk into our newest brain child, you will realize exactly what we mean when we say Macy's is your store of stores. Maturity was a core element in the ap- peal of Walter Cronkite. Diva YOUR MAN ANTHONY BURGESS DID NOT give us a book review of My Wife Maria Callas ["Books: Goodness Has Nothing to Do With It," February 14] but instead yet another article on Callas and prima donnas in general. "Finally, Hoffman met with Blake and launched into great tirades he had inspired an unusual love scene in the script. We're taking it out of the script," countered Adams.

Whether you are looking for a computer system for solving com- plex business problems or something as simple as checkbook management, we can tailor a system to your needs. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Of Ccen of News Croup Publications, Inc.; Donald Kummerfeld. A Mudd- Chancellor pairing would do much to boost the ratings. Rather than discuss- ing the book as a whole he makes ridicu- lous pronouncements about Callas's abilities, saying she could never have been any good as Carmen or Salome. Burgess must not have heard her recording of Carmen, one of the best ever made. Make Way for Developers THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF NEW York's long-standing tenant-landlord debate ["The Landlords' Lament," by Ava Plakins, January 31] passes over the real issue: the future viability of the American city. It's no accident that 70 percent of New York's housing stock consists of rental apartments. "He is a spoiled brat." BY SHARON CHURCHER Paris to N. "The Lovers' Exile" (1980) by Marty Gross, with the Bunraku Theater of Osaka. 6, 2 p.m.; "The Love Suicides at Soneiaki" (1982) by Midori Kuriaaki, with the Bunraku Theater of Osaka.

And you can experience it every time you take to the open road. It's not the ineptness of executives or back- wardness in graphics that is at fault: It's the anchorman image. The new Cutlass Ciera ES is designed to take to the open road with the same enthusiasm you do. Tootsie Throws a Tantmm PRODUCER BLAKE EDWARDS is telling friends that a furious Dustin Hoffman confronted him at his Bev- erly Hills home after he per- suaded Burt Reynolds to star in a remake of the 1977 Truffaut film The Man Who Loved Women, which starts shooting this week.


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  2. Her current research interests include databases (distributed, parallel, mobile, bio-medical, XML) focusing on issues related to integrity constraints checking, cache strategies, integration, access control, transaction processing, and query processing and optimization; data management in grid and knowledge-based systems.

  3. He is four years older than Laura and comes from the town of Beni Suef on the river Nile, some 100 miles south of the capital Cairo. He told the Mail: ‘We started talking as normal people would, but we understood our feelings and the love from the first conversation. Afterwards, she came to Egypt just for me and I took vacations so we could spend them together.’In order to do so, they contracted what is called in Egypt an ‘orfi marriage’.

  4. She came out of the bedroom and started scolding him simultaneously trying to drag him over to his bed.

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  7. Lauren played with her old toys, when a man wrapped in a white sheet entered the room and started approaching her.

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