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Fika being a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning, "to have coffee", often accompanied with pastries or sandwiches.

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They are the ultimate team players in relationships.

Fair is fair, which can be a tough pill to swallow as an American girl but so much better once played out.

He knows not how to approach a lady, carry a conversation, or to offer to pay. “Here nobody is supposed to take care of their own life or future and people consider the government responsible for everything.

That has colored the world of dating, and gone overboard.” So my dating failure can ultimately be attributed to an unforeseen side-effect of some grand experiment in social engineering?

They are the first to say how sunny it is or complain about how the recent rain needs to stop for their beloved Friday or weekend plans.

WARNING- Swedes have been known to exaggerate how great their summers are.

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Nonetheless, these people LOVE a good weather chat, so be prepared.

-Slow to commit, or open up in any sort of emotional capacity is the way these men operate.

Not exactly the culprit I was expecting, but then again, growing up in a capitalist system across the Atlantic, I had always been told that socialism is the root of all evil.


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