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Waltctn, con- moe Uy In the darker shades relying I vener. with the ballerina skirts, and dreaay wools were gay colorful, while silk one and two-piece drrtsea for the luncheon date were I rang emenu were Mrs.

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in«ul Ution of on ortlinoi7-i7po ifmf TV Ilf M) and of Oouf U*. Hl Ui Mt Avtntit and Oorfo Wood.' To dot# i Mrthinf hoo br«n do Cko io| nirront work NO. SI MIAY, APRIL 11, l OTH FOKr Y-KOll R PACES YEAR n^in\ Sc COLO. making tvro f Ugh U a week to Berlin •entence* ever handed out In a war OTTAWA.

*bt more llth century gold coins British maintenance crews working trans-AUanlle servlcs has h*#n ••Dows- -the biggest batch ol death on Ulephone and teleprinter Unas. Another poaslb Ulty raised tagr Btaaxen’s arnaa Uonal showing to Wisconsin Is that Vandenberg, who has repeatedly said ha does not want the nomlnatioo for h Unae U.

Pothering' ham of Steep Hock Iron Mines are ependmg a few days at tha Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

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^ ’JT,1 ^ “ orr:: iri".::; Worried Over Rale issue j”' " from their sons of American and Th* American Overseas Airways' . Btaawn has praised Vandenberg so parslstently in his speeches as to cause speculation to the effect that his real hope was a Vanden- berg-Stassen ticket.

^]^ j American delegation spokeimen and pro-Fascisls fought tonight in.wotched an attempted Communist *”■*“ 1 Dlploma Uc and news corre- here, ready to proewd • ; board on suspicion Early Indications are Uiat the poe U refuse even to discuss the mallei Biwve end Milan uni U club-5Winging «®“P- ' c* 4 . Ten parsons, including two wo-] Se V4m Arrestefi Abo^ IM tmvernment tops sur- a week ago today ordered the miners Pl • IM I \T T' Compheaung the selection of a ton of Canada and Sir Carl Berend- ^We further ouibreaka tomorrow. ha* uknn cam uf * 1 U Y Vd M ai CJV a U the expert trade to tuna. By Airmail- landing* before Ihe war dldn t be- „,vja. Next, she ordered hundreds of dollars worth of women’s finery from a Boston department store and followed that up by tiring the head of Boston CUy Hospital. Mit- ebc U foaad a wamaa’s handbag eeataloing U4 (93M) asd f«-' twrsed R to the ewarr. resaarklng; *Thal aheald rever year ea- peases.” FURNITURE STORAGE LOOK BEFORE YOU STORE NASHVILLE. Apr U 10 ti P —Harlan Roscoa Hand has arecied a fence against bis mother-in-law— right down the middle of a room. sinca Hand claimed tax court that every time hie wife's mother.

Etna Clmiis Uo Q klai Ung Room E0736 TH£ OU -Clror, «U»ds ti Mi Ui- vrrfttorly 35 mph, norniol Yco Urdoy'i Ttniprro Uirf^ Maxiaum. — Of Tlc Iftl trade union | cliarges are to be laid by William (Bill) Mahoney, C. Mahoney said today both Harvey Murphy, vice president of the British Columbia Federation of l^bor and Harold Pritchett, regional director of the C. — A compromise Government j» a « was reported formed here tonight to seek, an end to the /M 1 1 24-hour revolution which left buildings in this capital I BOGOTA, April l O — A compromise Government ja a i /• was reported formed here tonight to seek, an end to the /M 1 1 24-hour revolution which left buildings in this capital nity gutted by Are and looters and forced a recess In tht haufax. dian Tr»d# commi Minn^r Rjrh»rd- I Snipers still were operating from many buildings Bori U, coiombm, reported and they were being sought out by troops armed with amateur radio a»at he amj hfl M and machine guns_ Reporta were also received of ( I ^ I ^ aimounced ear Uer V w. Reports were also received of employees l Oa I Mr ike i s-'-r; ■ i i^H - t.: i ■Uted, improperly preaented ■ • ^ — *** May End lobby 1 BILLETINS r Mr. April 10 '4’.'- Communists I guayan police announced they hsd* ****’ ****.^' « es a a papennen were left in the Rtnba My Clark The big caiche* and p Q|* Ij Uv DSHS big money He we*lward In ground* vacated by Japan. on* raedlum-ala* canoem P ril V^S T 3l SC tn tha Uland. Luckily tha company telephoned to clear up de- tails and learned of the hoax. thea gave the flader twe three-peany pteeee (tea eeata).

Ths gtr Ts parewts said H moat have hssw eanied •• miles by tbs tor- nad# which dastreysd the Feirtee- bwrg se-heel hwl Wtfig March M. tin I • SEEING THE INVISIBLE RIVIERA CREAMS, Chrulir’s.

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