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EMS/HCI will probably execute a payout next year if all goes well with the simulations hopefully they have a smooth and uninterrupted process with the simulations.

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What do you think will happen when "amazon" or "walmart" jumps in and gets involved???

Hold on because this ride is about to get bumpy and high!!!

Give us some positive time frames and stop selling more shares every time we reach a certain point. Block Chain Technology (which is what the cryptos use to keep track of transactions) is as important to future financial transactions as the "Internet" was to computers. People think "Bitcoin" was in nose bleed country when it broke $20,000.

I remember friends telling me the internet was a "phase and would not last"... It broke through those levels without major retailers even being involved.

Is it possible to just buy shares using our personal c-gold/perfect money accounts? We can sèe that investors like the Norwegians have most likely put up the majority of the $30,000. We have prayed about the situation and have come to conclusion that simply these packages simply do not exist and is fantasy and delusion.

Is it possible/true that if don't go through this guy and go ahead and buy on my own that my money would go to a waste? We hold Wayne in high regards and integrity and a very honest and reliable man However it seems that the information and intelligence reports from the information sources which Wayne and other people have to is nothing but artificial intelligence information and reports.Have a look at https://gov/litigation/litreleases/2010/lr21686U. 21686 / October 7, 2010 SEC OBTAINS TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND ASSET FREEZE OF IMPERIA INVEST IBC RELATING TO INTERNET BASED OFFERING FRAUD If the assets have been frozen do you really think any of the 14,000 members have received any packages or been paid out reality or delusion you choose people. Euclid was moved to a different Hospital for special treatments and seems to be doing very well. The 5 for 1 deal extended to the 27th, but don't depend on that. California simulations are at 30%, so going smoothly so far.Only my opinion, but at this rate California could be through by end of the month, then New York State and a little time to fix Washington.There are correspondent banking problems in that off-shore jurisdiction that inhibit or preclude international transactions?As I wrote last time ,see below, again when we are close to payout the Banks comes up with something completly new that prolongs the process for the pay out, just wounder how long they will be comming up with new delays.We are now at 100% of simulations..banks are clear to trade in big dollars. I would love to hear a good time frame after March 7th.


  1. So far the process has worked is locking out bot and letting only legit people generate tokens.

  2. The next night, her real intentions became clear, police told The Washington Post.

  3. --And most importantly..really DO think a blindfold adds erotica to the situation for the person who is blindfolded.

  4. NCIPC was created in 1992 after a series of government reports identified injury as one of the most important public health problems facing the nation.

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