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If you fall for their trap and give them your credit card number, they'll start and keep billing you for around 0 per month (it seems to vary a bit in cost each month), sending you face creme each month through a 3rd party shipping company. So today I contacted my credit card company and they opened a dispute and reversed the charges. They are way over-priced and then you get these monthly charges on top of everything else - a scam! One month later a package from China arrived with a T-Shirt!

Meet single local no credit card to message

Would highly appreciate if you could kindly look into this matter and give me an update as dihtv states the payment has not been received by them. Please correspond with me on [email protected] I bought a $1489 package of Milwaulkee battery power tools for A159.99. anyway i have over 30 email addresses , that one i typed here and [email protected] are the most likely being ive had them almost 20 years, also [email protected] or [email protected] my bank will refund my charges here , please refund me on your end, i was unaware of this till 10 mins ago feb.2 2018 pst thank you i dont know what this is but i need it cancelled asap and refunded my $39.99 which caused my account an overdraft fee of $35.00 andi dont understand how thats done when i cant buy anything when my account has no funds available , not even for a penny, .

anyway i have over 30 email addresses , that one i typed here and [email protected] are the most likely being ive had them almost 20 years, also [email protected] or [email protected] my bank will refund my charges here , please refund me on your end, i was unaware of this till 10 mins ago feb.2 2018 pst thank you This fraudulent charge was made to my card after I placed an order at an order that was supposed to have processed for 24.98.

Can anyone tell me what the asterisk (*) means in the name of a company address as in?

:-PES*MUCHBUY SHENZHEN CN 1482.390000 CNY at 8.74463 I am determined to report these people to The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) [email protected] Can anyone advise me who owns this email address?

The charge to my card was showing as from FTP*newdresses (From Beijing, BEI 100000 CHN), for 31.09.

My card company flagged it as a likely fraudulent charge and contacted me. Later I realized I had not heard back from regarding my order, though the page had shown my payment had processed for 24.98 when I made my purchase there.It is interesting how they quickly obtained the payment from my credit card, but can't seem to reply to an email. Om my account it says FHT*POKINTA COBIG WARNING!!!! However, I will ask to my bank to get my money back if I do not get my pair of boots in the next week I had the same £37.79 I went to get a goose feather parka coat at that I thought you was a good deal and that was just after Christmas and the bank it came out my bank fht *ton hong Tai China I've been trying to get hold of him and no answer is made a big con I know I'm just really upset Also have unrecognised charge on my mastercard exactly the same name but on Jan 28, 2018 for 2.38CNY. All these websites are now offline & i never got the product I have no idea where this charge comes from but I had this one @ .95 and in the same day, another charge came thru my acct for a muscle-build8448648852 for something that costs .95 so I am pretty pissed about it! I show a charge on my bank statement, but no receipt from Google play on my account. I have not made this charge, and all Google play is made via Pay Pal on my kids accounts. They're currently running under the name gooclubs (and probably other names) on Facebook etc and your account will be charged as PES* BUTWITHOUT ZUNYI. Tried to contact the "company" several times within their website, no response.Also, the price of the jacket online was less than what my card was charged. I made an order (one pair of shoes)and made the payment with my creditcard. my card was frozen about this time for suspected other international fraud transactions from Cypress with me resident in Australia. 9149bd I have 3 charges on my bank statement from pes nourshpdshoope shizuishan the first is for 19 cents the next one is for 74 cents and the last one is for .59. Emails asking for tracking number were never replied to. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website. Two illegal charges on my credit card for month Jan 18 - 1 x 1.00 Foreign fee .93 and 1 x 2.95 Foreign Fee .98. Your product will never be delivered but by the time you realise (because it all seems legit with the tracking order system they're running) it will be too late. I ordered 3 pairs of boots for 65.83 the money was takin out of my account they sent me a email stating the amount will be different then my reciept which was 5$ more i ordered them in December and I still have not recieved my product We found an item on e Bay, and while researching it, I found a better price for the EXACT same item on a different site. Its a schame How people can purchase this much amount from a woman who really wannted a new sowmachine!! I have contacted my bank and they have blocked my card!3 purchase from a woman who used here creditcard and has no money, at the END did not Get the item. Actually it is more than once they have taken money from my card, approximately 0?For your reference, the approval code from the bank is 716678. I am now in a dispute with them as I had cancelled the samples (which they never sent) and then said they shipped the 89.95 product. Their number is 844-200-3473 they never call back try this number888-964-5358 I ordered a diet and detox supplement and thought that it was going to cost around .00 Australian for the 2 bottles including postage, now i find i have been charged 0.57Aus for them.


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