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It will drive you right to a site where you can see everything. This collection is a little more airy, a little more ready to wear, so to speak. Racked: What type of woman—although we kind of have an idea from the name White Trash Beautiful—would you say wears your clothing? The name is a little bit funky, so we're going to keep it at WTB. So I've been kind of doing this haphazardly for a long time, but now there's a concept behind it...

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It's just a different time, and sociologically a different time about people getting music. We just decided to put out five different EPs over a specific period of time...

What's gonna happen is over four or five EPs that we'll put out over the next six, seven months, whatever that will be, I think people will find that there's a cohesive thread through it all, and I think they're gonna dig it." At the latest Skyville Live concert, Orianthi unleashed a wicked cover of "Voodoo Child." The Australian artist said she was inspired by both Stevie Ray Vaughn's and Jimi Hendrix's versions and has been known to turn the song into a 15-minute jam session.

“Jess decided on a complete transformation as a way of fighting back,” a “family friend” told Life & Style Weekly.

“She’s saying to Nick, ‘Here’s a whole new me — and don’t I look good!

30) at a Japanese restaurant in Woodland Hills, Calif., according to Radar Online. We were able to be open, honest, and completely authentic with each other, with no judgment.” She continued, “I don’t regret my relationship with him.

Racked: When did you start being interested in doing a collection and what made you take the plunge?

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and actress Denise Richards have rekindled their romance four years after their split.

Richie, 52, and Denise, 40, started dating in 2006, following Richie’s divorce from actress Heather Locklear and Denise’s divorce from actor Charlie Sheen.

collection in the Lincoln Center Tents, another rocker, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, was hosting the New York debut of WTB—or—White Trash Beautiful, the fashion line he designs with Nikki Lund.

Richie: It came out of a song idea I had called "White Trash Beautiful," which was obviously about a girl on the wrong side of the tracks, but she was a fox and everybody dug her.

She came over my house a couple of days later, with a truck-load full of fabrics and we just started to jam just almost like song writers.

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