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.95 for a one-month plan isn’t too hefty a price to pay, especially for a VPN using military standard encryption technology.

Their 30-day money-back guarantee means you can see if the VPN fits your needs.

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It may come as a surprise to some people, but there is actually internet censorship in New Zealand.

Though it’s a pretty selective system, it’s also pretty mysterious – the list of blocked sites is kept a secret, you really only know it’s inaccessible when you try and fail.

Get more information on this service on Nord VPN review. It offers really fast high-speed internet service that doesn’t force you to put up with lags or buffering when you’re gaming or streaming content.

HIde My Ass has servers in more countries than any other VPN service with servers in almost 200 countries including one in New Zealand itself, two in Australia, and several throughout the South Pacific.

There are a lot of VPNs out there right now to choose from, and it’s difficult to sort out the white noise from the ones that are worth your money.

Here I’ll lay it out nice and simple for you, and show you what the top three providers on the net have to offer.Internet users in New Zealand may have run across the internet censorship and filters that are in place there.Using your IP address, ISPs can run your traffic through a filtering server that may or may not grant you access to the sites you’re after.A VPN is simple software that is available to users for a monthly subscription fee.Basically, once you get your account set up, you’re given access to a list of remote servers.You also get up to two simultaneous connections included with your service plan, so you can connect a home and mobile device for no extra charge.


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