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Any idea when the label is made in relation to the finished build of the drum? I was hoping that would be the case as makes the dates of manufacture much more accurate to when the drum was actually finished being built....I'm just wondering if labels could be printed out well before a drum was finished or do the labels get printed out as soon as the drum is finished being built? Provided one could figure the secret to the date code in the serial numbers.My 2012 classic maple set has sequential serial number B/O badges and the 14x14 I added in 2015 has the sticker inside. Sometimes there is a 3 digit date stamp in older classic maple sets. The large keystone badge was used up until 2013 where they switched to the brass recycled trumpet badge as the main badge for classic maple. When I recieved my drum it was May of 2015 and I used a pen and wrote a small 5/15 on the tag so it would always be there. The regular WMP they use is a chip pattern that is true white. Are there any kind of date stamps in any of the drums? Sounds like the set was made within the last 5-8 years. On the drums that use a sticker on the inside, I don't think they put a date on the tag anywhere.

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As far as I know, they are the only "major" offering 3 different lug style choices, & 2 badge choices (B/O or Keystone).

Not sure if it applies to both CM and Legacy, but for sure for the Classic Maple.

I'm pretty sure that serial numbers are no longer on badges, but on a paper tag inside the drum.

I'm not quite sure if the number sequence continued from when they were put on badges, but would assume they are.

A couple years after I got my original Super Classics (January of '90) I was getting more toms and they came with 2.

I think they did the two badges so the badge could face out on either side of a mount.

Ludwig will also apply a finish a customer sends to them, if someone wanted a finish they don't offer.

SO WOULD YOU GUYS SAY THESE ARE A EARLIER MAPLE KIT ? THANKS GUYS,, I KNOW THEY ARE A GOOD LINE JUST NOT SURE WHICH ONES AS YOU CANT FIND ANYTHING FROM THE SERIAL NUMBERS,,, translated, or close; In my drums 13 and 14 "are also on the two badges, interesting, In what year were the drums released?

Unfortunately the person(s) that does the stamping is not totally accurate a lot of the times leaving the stamp to be smudged. Ludwig stopped putting serial numbers on badges sometime in 2012-2013 and now use a barcoded sticker inside the drum. The large keystone badge was used up until 2013 where they switched to the brass recycled trumpet badge as the main badge for classic maple. Hopefully you got a great deal on them as brand new Ludwig classic maple drums are quite expensive now. It might be hard to narrow down exactly when your drums were made but I'm thinking 2014-2015 as that yellowed version of the chip wmp was made available in the last couple of years.


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