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A number of virulence factors that have been shown to contribute to bone infection and pathology are discussed, however no single factor has been defined as being specific to bone infections.

Although traditionally considered an extracellular pathogen, there is increasing evidence that staphylococci are able to invade host cells, and that an intracellular lifestyle may facilitate long-term persistence in bone tissue, enabling evasion of antimicrobials and host immune responses.

geographic location, age, gender, ethnicity and body niche.

The nares, throat and perineum are the most prevalent sites for carriage in the general adult population.

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This review summarises current understanding of the mechanisms by which staphylococci infect and damage bone.

We address the role of the inflammatory response to staphylococcal infection in disrupting the homeostatic balance of bone matrix deposition and resorption and thereby mediating bone destruction.

The SIGB should be focused on business, not technology or technical, issues and be empowered to set whole-of-government strategies to support the policies and vision determined by Ministers.

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