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You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.(TNMM has detailed the existential dangers of Western machine culture in the past.) Cathy O’Neil, the porcine, blue-haired tech columnist at MSM rag Bloomberg just unleashed a screed proclaiming sexbots are the future.

Hello if you’re reading this in the future with your sex robot boyfriend by your side, smiling at the quaint notions they had back when they still wore their own faces and didn’t live under water.

If you’re reading this in 2016, you should probably know that this is the year inventors get serious about sex robots and scientists admit ‘love and sex with robots are inevitable’.

My only major issues with this are – A) Almost all the hot sex robots currently being developed are female and B) They are going to be so expensive only the super rich can afford their own personal ones at first and I’m not going to rent one because ew.

Anyway, when I finally manage to save up for my sexbot5000 I plan on calling him something normal, like Sam or Pete. You will never have to watch any Transformers films ever again Unless you have become so into robots that you now view them as some kind of retro soft porn. Exes – part 1 If my sex robot isn’t doing it for me any more I can always put him down the liquidiser or use his head as an amusing serving dish for taramasalata.

There’s room here for everyone’s impure thoughts and desires. But if I had a daughter, I might consider giving her a robot as a college graduation present. The blue-haired abomination then goes on to suggest men and women permanently separate from one another – an obvious long-term goal of the elite power structure as women become too dangerous and toxic for men to deal with.

Robots don’t discriminate, and they can probably give good massages. Preferably one who can do the dishes and guard the door. Just to be clear: I’m not saying we should want to live in a militant feminist world without men.

When looking into the dimly lit corridor leading to an overly mechanized future, one honestly begins to wonder if the computer chip will be the cause of extinction for H. Somebody stop the Anglo world, I want off of this ride.

Let me get back to more “primitive” life somewhere outside this insane asylum. Has the blog helped change your life in a positive way?

This is becoming a big topic in Anglo America now: Fucking robots. How can a rational person not say this culture has lost its mind?

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