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That's been almost a year ago now and the lessons are continuing.I was a restaurant manager working on a Sunday night around , very busy.

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One night after a long shift she invited me to her apartment for some drinks.

We both got pretty buzzed and started fooling around.

I was ready and she was wet and I fucked her right there with employees knocking on the door for voids and such. We got to talking and found out she wasn't happily married and wasn't getting enough.

One day I was complaining about my girl and she suggested we have an affair since we were both unhappy.

I had just starting going out with a woman I worked with at this small restaurant and we happened to have a closing shift together.

All night long I had been having the hardest time keeping my mind off of her ass and on the orders I was making.

Then we went back to her place and fucked some more. After a while he unzipped my pants and started fingering my pussy. Our office division secretary is an average looking 23-year-old strawberry blonde.

I'm glad I got another job soon after that, 'cause it weirded me out to be making food on the same counter where we had been fucking. I started to jerk him off, slowly but faster and faster as we went. At our last Christmas party she got really drunk and wanted to sober up before going home.

A week later as our New Year's Eve party ended, our secretary pushed me into my private office, and thanked me for what I'd done.

Then she told me that she wasn't that drunk when she said what she did and wanted to take me up on my offer.

I had to go into the walk in refrigerator twice just to "cool off." Finally, the place was closed and we were the last employees there.

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