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Wenner, who learned perspective and dimension in Italy, is one of an increasingly popular breed of street performers who earn tips for their artistic labors.

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Whether they are called Street Paintings, Chalk Paintings, Sidewalk Paintings or Pavement Art, if they have a Three-Dimensional Illusion they can be traced back to Kurt Wenner's anamorphic pastel drawings.

| The most recent development in pavement art is interactive pavement art.

Currently, Kurt Wenner has written a Street Painting History, Asphalt Renaissance, explaining how Sidewalk Art and Pavement Art transformed itself into a spectacular medium, popular in Advertising, Publicity and numerous Street Painting Festivals.

| A Madonnaro or Chalk Artist in Italy may be a Strassenmaler in Germany, a Sidewalk Chalk Artist in the United States, or a Screever in Britain, but Street Painting and Pavement Art have been transformed beyond recognition.

It appears to drop deep beneath the ground into another world--one often filled with characters from Greek mythology or a fairytale.

We asked Wenner a few questions about how he creates his larger-than-life installations and what it's like to be an artist working in the midst of a crowd.

But no book could be as incredible as Wenner's live work, which would be difficult to reproduce under any circumstances.

Business Insider Julie Zeveloff, December 5, 2011 We recently stumbled across some trippy art by artist Kurt Wenner.

He's also been kind enough to share some photos of his art with us; check out the full gallery on his website.


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